Latest Publication— “Spring Harvest”

Here’s a piece I wrote over the winter, published recently on Construction Literary Magazine. Check it out!

New Project

For the latest LLBL project, check out the Tumblr for my new broadcast: SURF N TURF: A WORD FROM PLANET EARTH

(also streaming here.)

Return of the Dark Months

I love picking vegetables, but I’m SO excited for the encroaching darkness these evenings……………. more time for poetry. Lots of big and little ideas for poems and stories this winter. A book! Books! Dark months here I come.

Story in the Brown Daily Herald about ProvSlam

This was a fun night!

New Track!

New Track!

Just put up my first song on my bandcamp, check it out! It’s a collaboration with my talented friend Joe DeGeorge.

Frequency Workshop Studio Class in February

Frequency Workshop Studio Class in February

Hey All,

If you’re in the Providence area this February, and you’re in the mood to spend a Saturday writing together, I’ll be teaching a studio class through the Frequency Writer’s Workshop on Saturday Feb. 8th from 10:30-2:30. It’s called “A Workshop in Spoken Text” and we’ll be writing on paper and out loud. Check it out! Sliding scale! Or all the other awesome winter classes offered by Frequency this winter!

New Chapbook!


Tess and I made a bunch of poems together last spring, and we finally stapled them together! If you want a copy we’ll send it to you for, like, $6-$10.

If you’re in Providence on a Thursday night…

… there’s a 50% chance I’m at AS220 helping to host the Providence Poetry Slam. It’s a funky stage with a red velvet curtain, and lots of poems happen on it every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. We have an open mic, a featured poet from out of town, and a poetry slam. I usually do a poem or two. You should come. (And if you’re 19 or under you should especially check out the 3rd Thursdays, cause it’s youth slam night!)